The Role of Communication, Product Knowledge, Creativity and Empathy for Increasing Interest in Purchasing MSMEs for the South Bandung Livestock Cooperative Pangalengan

Nandang Nandang


The share of the health food market in Indonesia continues to grow and shows positive growth potential. Although Indonesia's economic growth has not been satisfactory, the standard of living is increasing, which of course is accompanied by an increase in expectations of a healthier lifestyle. In turn, this increase will create a new need for quality products and brands that can be relied on in order to achieve a better level of health and life. Personal selling is the right promotional strategy to achieve the company's goals in facing the current era of globalization. Personal selling serves to attract consumers, considering that consumers feel more cared for and it is easier to understand the products offered. The South Bandung Pangalengan Livestock Cooperative also carried out the same promotion to increase consumers' buying interest, namely using personal selling. This study aims to find out whether personal selling has a positive effect on the buying interest of milk consumers of the South Bandung Livestock Cooperative Pangalengan in the city of Bandung, the location of the study was in one of the retail outlets in the city of Bandung for 2 (two) months, namely March – April 2019.  This type of research is descriptive with a quantitative approach. The descriptive method is used to describe various symptoms and facts contained in the personal selling factor of the South Bandung Pangalengan Livestock Cooperative in depth. The results of testing the validity and reliability of the questionnaire for 27 (twenty-seven) statements were declared valid and suitable for use in research, the hypothesis partially and simultaneously resulted in the conclusion that personal selling had a positive effect on buying interest. The results of the hypothesis test were declared significant to meet the test criteria. The amount of personal selling influence on buying interest was 38.1%.



product knowledge; creativity; buying interest; empathy; MSMEs

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