Analysis of customer Service Quality at Plaza PT. Telkom Sukabumi

Nabila Widya Suhenda, Rizki Hegia Sampurna, Yana Fajar FY Basori


The research was internet at analyzing the service quality of PT. Telkom Sukabumi. The research method applied was quantitative method with descriptive approaches. The population in this research were 6.049 visitors of the PT. Telkom Sukabumi City in 2021. Samples taken as many US 98 visitors by using Simple Random Sampling methods. The techniques of collecting data used were questionnaires and interviews. The results in this research indicate that the service quality of PT. Telkom Sukabumi City obtains a percentage of 82.65% and hypothesis testing obtained t_count 89.365 > t_table 1.66071. Futhermore, H0 is accepted and Ha is rejected. Such findings shows that the service quality of Plaza PT. Telkom Sukabumi city can be considered good


public services; service quality; PT. telkom sukabumi

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.