Human Resource Practices and Policies: A Literature Review

Firliandini Firliandini, Eeng Ahman


This study aims to determine the dimensions of HR Practices and Policies contained in various previous literatures. Journal analysis was carried out using a systematic literature review (SLR) method obtained from Scopus in 2016-2021 following inclusion and exclusion criteria with the keywords HR Policies and Practices in order to obtain 15 journals. The journal articles obtained related to HRM practices and policies were found with various specific topics ranging from age-related HRM, Green HRM, hospitality HRM, Austerity HRM, Gen-Z HRM, Health Workers HRM, HRM Strategy, SR-HRM, Promoting Women to seniors. and HRM in the University. There are various dimensions of HR Practices and Policies categorized on macro, meso and micro measures. Most of the research methods used in the article are qualitative. For future researchers, it is expected to combine quantitative and qualitative approaches to make it more comprehensive with a wider research sample.


human resource practices and policies; human resource management; systematic literature review

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.